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Oh, what Versailles! Origami kusudama

26 July 2017

Origami kusudama - How to make an origami kusudama?

Mathematics and origami closely interact with each other. Many mathematicians turn to origami to develop their creative potential. Krystyna Burczyk (Poland) was no exception. A mathematics teacher with more than 20 years of experience developed not only the theory of origami, but began to develop certain techniques, for example, the technique of twirls.

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Simple panda

24 July 2017

Origami panda - how to fold easy origami panda?

Classic origami gifted the world with not only about a hundred of classical figurines, but with a source of inspiration behind one particularly peculiar folding method. For a long time the word «origami» associated with this exact folding technique. This is, of course, about simple, or pureland origami.

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Kunihiko Kasahara’s 1000 Cranes

11 July 2017

1000 журавлей Кунихико Касахара

Kunihiko Kasahara is considered to be one of the biggest modern Japanese origami masters. He was born in 1941 during the Second World War and met its final in early childhood. Postwar period life was hard and food and things were scarce and hard to find, so the young origami master started getting the craft of origami from what was around. He folded his first figure at the age of six, it was a paper cup. Then he replicated the paper lilies that adorned the Buddhist altar. And after the appearance of baseball in Japan, Kasahara-san created the figures of a baseball glove, a ball and caps.

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Ripe apple by Shuzo Fujimoto

09 July 2017


This realistic apple figurine was invented by Japanese origami master Shuzo Fujimoto as early as the beginning of the 1980s. He mainly worked in the tessellations technique, so this three-dimensional figure is done in a similar technique.

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Carambola flowers

07 July 2017


Certain flower figures have an interesting feature. The corners of the paper sheet serve as the basis for the petals, and there are usually 4 of them. But in the nature one flower most often consists of five petals. To correct this oversight, the origami masters decided to use a pentagonal sheet of paper instead of more familiar, customary rectangular one. This breakthrough has made the creation of a whole series of interesting models with natural and living forms possible.

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OrigamiUSA sailboat

05 July 2017


One of the largest origami communities is the origami association in the United States (OrigamiUSA). Representative offices in each state, regular exhibitions and master classes, as well as international level origami conferences are just a small example of their sphere of business.

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Why Akira Yoshizawa is considered the grandfather of origami?

01 July 2017

Why Akira Yoshizawa is considered the grandfather of origami?


Books on origami started appearing in Japan around XVII-XVIII centuries. They had a depiction of the finished model and description of the steps of folding. Usual diagrams didn't exist yet. In the late XIX - early XX centuries, origami even started to be taught in Japanese schools, but the folding process still had to be shown visually.

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Tessellation hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto

23 June 2017

Tessellation hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto. Origami hydrangea.


In the last ten years one of the most popular and rapidly developing trend in origami are tessellations. This is a rather peculiar technique, where flat or embossed patterns are formed on a single sheet of paper. The end result resembles oriental carpet, but done in the style of classical origami - the figure consists of one sheet and no glue is used. Especially beautiful tessellations are the ones made ofsemi-transparent paper

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Edelweiss blooms in the mountains

21 June 2017



The Czech Origami Society was established relatively recently - in the autumn of 2003 in Ostrava by Frantisek Grebenicek (František Grebeníček) with the support of Spanish origami artist Joan Sallas. Society is small, but has already managed to make a name for itself with some interesting works, the figure of the edelweiss among others.

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Pajarita – the bird from Spain

14 June 2017

Origami diagram of the Pajarita. Pajarita – the bird from Spain

Everyone knows that origami originates in Japan. Upon deeper look, though, it turns out that Spain challenges the title of origami birthplace!





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Money origami: cobra

23 April 2016

Origami cobra. How to fold origami cobra?

Today we are going to fold origami cobra from a dollar bill. 





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