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Origami Flower

31 July 2014

Origami flower. How to fold origami flower?

If you want to color your office life, it’s time to fold this simple and beautiful origami flower. Don’t forget that it’s summer time!



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Flapping Dragon

29 July 2014

Origami dragon. How to fold origami dragon?

Today we are going to fold flapping origami dragon. What else do you need to be happy? Author of the model - Jeremy Shafer. Thanks to his great video tutorial you’ll easy learn how to make this amazing origami model!



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Origami self made man

21 June 2014

Origami self made man by Eric Joisel. How to fold origami self made man from paper?

Well-known model of a man who puts himself no needs introduction. The author of the model is the world famous origamist Eric Joisel. This origami figure obliged to fold every origamist.



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Origami little dragon

19 June 2014

Origami little dragon by Alexander Kurth. How to fold origami little dragon from paper?

Today we are going to fold a wonderful little dragon, designed by Alexander Kurth. This model is not too difficult, but it will be hard for beginners. A dragon so fabulous that the time spent on them is worth it!



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Origami Cobra

17 June 2014

Origami Cobra by Alexander Kurth. How to fold origami cobra from paper?

Fold this amazing cobra teach Alexander Kurth. To make it you will need a long strip of paper. Paper can be found in DIY stores. You can use a good wrapping paper or tracing paper.



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Origami Parrot by Barth Dunkan

07 June 2014

Origami Parrot by Barth Dunkan. How to fold origami parrot from paper?

Today we are going to fold a parrot. This cute parrot, designed by Barth Dunkan, of course, can not speak, but sits perfectly on the shoulder. Fold! Difficulty - medium.



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Bunny by Fumiaki Kawahata

05 June 2014

Easy Origami Bunny by Fumiaki Kawahata. How to fold easy origami Bunny by Fumiaki Kawahata?

We offer you a very simple but very cute, origami bunny. The designer of model - Fumiaki Kawahata. Youtube lesson by Yakomogi.



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Tyrannosaurus Rex by Maekawa Jun

03 June 2014

Origami Tyrannosaurus Rex by Maekawa Jun. How to fold origami Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Today we will fold, perhaps the best known of all dinosaurs - Tyrannosaurus rex. The designer of model is Maekawa Jun.



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Paper Airplanes: Problems And Solutions

01 June 2014

Paper Airplanes: Problems And Solutions

Are you a paper airplane enthusiast? Do you love turning a single sheet of paper into a mean, lean flying machine? Then, I bet you’ve run into a few problems making your paper airplane fly exactly like you want to. Here are a few tips that should help you out while you are learning how to fly your airplanes.



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Easter Bunny Pop-up Card

01 June 2014

Origami Easter Bunny Pop-up Card. How to fold origami pop-up card?

Jeremy Shafer graced us with another wonderful model. This card-transformer: heart opens and turns into a bunny.



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Standing Dog Down Boy!

30 May 2014

Standing Dog 'Down Boy!'. How to fold origami dog?

Can you teach a dog to stand on their hind legs? And what about the dog from paper? Today we will fold dog standing on its hind legs. The author of this unusual model - Paul Frasco. Video tutorial by Sara Adams.



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