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Mini books from Dave Brill

09 January 2018

Mini books from Dave Brill

This origami model answers the simple question - is it possibble to make a book from a single sheet of paper? Yes, it is.

The author of the model - Dave Brill is british origami master and vice president of British Origami Society. Models which he had created for 20 years are gathered in the book "Brilliant Origami".

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Paper Designer Paul Jackson

19 August 2017

Origami designer Paul Jackson

Origami can transform from a pleasant hobby to work. This was the case with British origami master Paul Jackson. By profession he is a designer, working in the field of packaging development, but he is also known for his paper sculptures. He is one of the masters who managed to achieve success both in professional and in personal life thanks to origami. 

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Scorpions From the Southern Deserts 

17 August 2017

Origami scorpions. How to fold an origami scorpion?

The more limbs the figure should have, the harder it is to make from a square sheet of paper and traditional folding techniques. To expand the possibilities, origami took 2 paths: the complication of folding techniques and the increase in paper sheets. Since the end of the last century, the second path has allowed masters to make models with a large number of sections and legs. This direction has been named heteromodular origami.

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Rainbow Koi carps wall

15 August 2017

Rainbow Koi carps wall. How to fold an origami carp?

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in origami in the design world. Vases and statuettes not only in the form of various origami figures, but simple geometric shapes as well became frequent guests of our interiors. Origami is bright and expressive and at the same time simple in execution. This allows us to realize some of the design ideas with our own hands.

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The Cockerels by Leo Tolstoy

13 August 2017

The Cockerels by Leo Tolstoy. How to fold an origami Cockerel?

It turns out that traditional origami began to spread around the world not in the middle of the XX century, but at an entire century earlier. The well-known flying cranes, for example, were well known to Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. He often entertained children by folding these figures.

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Yoshihide Momotani’s origami worlds

08 August 2017

Yoshihide Momotani’s origami worlds

Many Origami masters came into this art gradually. Most often, interest in folding arose from enthusiasm for living nature or mathematics. Japanese master Yoshihide Momotani comes from this series of authors.

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David Brill’s transparent bottle

06 August 2017

David Brill’s transparent bottle. How to fold an origami bottle?

One day, English origami master David Brill was gazing at the ship in a bottle and thought to himself if it was possible to fold the origami figure inside the bottle. This feat proved to be impossible, but if one can not put a figure inside, then why not fold the bottle itself?

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Yoshio Tsuda’s elegant butterflies

04 August 2017

Yoshio Tsuda’s elegant origami butterflies

Turns out that you can collect butterflies in many different ways. You may go to a tropical country, catch a butterfly and use poisonous vapors and pins to conserve the beauty. Or you can go a less radical way and create a butterfly origami. The Japanese medical entomologist Yoshio Tsuda thought the same.

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Is traditional tato a box or a pattern?

02 August 2017

Origami tato. How to fold an origami tato?

Tato is the name of the traditional Japanese paper boxes to store all kinds of small things. In them, you can tidy up needles, buttons, pins, or write a secret message inside. Recently, they also began to be used for storing stamps. The boxes themselves can be tetragonal, hexagonal or octagonal. They lock on a paper lock and open if pulled on at two opposite corners of the paper.

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Visiting Totoro

30 July 2017

Origami Totoro - how to fold origami Totoro?

Inspiration for origami can come from not only natural images, but also mythical creatures and even the heroes of your favorite cartoons. The most famous example of such a figure is the forest spirit of Totoro from the eponymous cartoon directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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Seeing hands of master Saburo Kase

28 July 2017

Seeing hands of master Saburo Kase

The twentieth century can be considered the most significant era in the establishment and development of origami as a separate art form. The first step was not so much in inventing the origami alphabet, although without this breakthrough origami would have remained traditional Japanese art, but a constant introduction of not only Japanese, but also people from other countries and cultures, to origami. An important role in this was played by Japanese origamist with a tenuous fate, Saburo Kase.

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