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Origami sea lion

29 September 2014

Origami sea lion. How to fold an origami sea lion?

Today we are going to fold an origami sea lion. Author of the model is Joost Langeveld.



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Origami flower with six petals

26 September 2014

Origami flower with six petals. How to fold an origami flower?

Here is a video tutorial of the origami flower with six petals. The author of the model is David Martínez. Video tutorial by Leyla Torres. Let’s fold this flower!



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Origami mother and child

23 September 2014

Origami mother and child. How to fold origami man?

Today we are going to fold a beautiful origami model created by Stephen Weiss - figure of the mother with a child. The charm of this model is not only in the fact that it is 3D, but also in the fine details. Surprisingly, the model is folded from a single sheet of paper!



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Origami moose

20 September 2014

Origami moose. How to make a paper moose?

Did you know that an adult moose can weigh up to 1200 pounds? Sure, this paper model weighs much less. Origami moose created by Fumiaki Kawahata - simple and beautiful.



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Origami alien

17 September 2014

Origami alien. How to fold an origami alien?

Do you believe in the life on the other planets? And if so, how do aliens look? Gregory Suarez imagines alien like this. Let’s fold it!



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Origami lizard

14 September 2014

Origami lizard. How to fold an origami lizard?

Today we are going to fold an origami lizard. This is very beautiful model, and it should not be very difficult to fold. With proper patience you must succeed!



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Origami fawn

11 September 2014

Origami fawn. How to fold origami fawn?

Who as a child did not like the touching tale about a young deer, Bambi? And cute Stomper, which mother taught him to say only good things, but if there is nothing good to say, it is better to remain silent. Fold wonderful deer and do not forget about this good advice! The author of model is Stephen Weiss.



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Origami mouse

08 September 2014

Origami mouse. How to make a mouse out of paper?

This realistic model of origami mouse was created by Kasahara Kunihiko. How do you think is it scary to find this one in the refrigerator?



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Origami sparrow

05 September 2014

Origami sparrow. How to make paper sparrow?

We suggest you to fold a three-dimensional model of origami sparrow. Author of the model is Alfredo Giunto.



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Origami lion

02 September 2014

Origami lion. How to make a lion out of paper?

Today we are going to fold an origami lion. He is a bit like a lion from the fairy tale «Land of Oz».



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Origami seagull

16 August 2014

Origami seagull. How to fold origami seagull?

Today we are going to fold origami seagull created by Riccardo Foschi (it is his first model).



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