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Tessellation hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto

23 June 2017

Tessellation hydrangea by Shuzo Fujimoto. Origami hydrangea.


In the last ten years one of the most popular and rapidly developing trend in origami are tessellations. This is a rather peculiar technique, where flat or embossed patterns are formed on a single sheet of paper. The end result resembles oriental carpet, but done in the style of classical origami - the figure consists of one sheet and no glue is used. Especially beautiful tessellations are the ones made ofsemi-transparent paper

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Edelweiss blooms in the mountains

21 June 2017



The Czech Origami Society was established relatively recently - in the autumn of 2003 in Ostrava by Frantisek Grebenicek (František Grebeníček) with the support of Spanish origami artist Joan Sallas. Society is small, but has already managed to make a name for itself with some interesting works, the figure of the edelweiss among others.

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Pajarita – the bird from Spain

14 June 2017

Origami diagram of the Pajarita. Pajarita – the bird from Spain

Everyone knows that origami originates in Japan. Upon deeper look, though, it turns out that Spain challenges the title of origami birthplace!





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Money origami: cobra

23 April 2016

Origami cobra. How to fold origami cobra?

Today we are going to fold origami cobra from a dollar bill. 





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Origami Baby Lizard

22 April 2016

Origami diagram of the lizard. How to fold origami lizard?

This model of the origami baby lizard was created by Riccardo Foschi. He will also show you how to make origami wings and transform your lizard to the dragon. Let's start!





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Flapping Dragon

21 April 2016

Origami dragon. How to fold origami dragon?

Today we are going to fold flapping origami dragon. What else do you need to be happy? Author of the model - Jeremy Shafer. Thanks to his great video tutorial you’ll easy learn how to make this amazing origami model!



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Origami Capybara

20 April 2016

Origami Capybara. How to fold an origami Capybara?

Today we are going to fold this origami amazing origami capybara. 


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Origami Pterodactyl

19 April 2016

Origami Pterodactyl. How to fold an origami Pterodactyl?

Today we are going to fold this origami pterodactyl. 


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Origami Treasure Chest

18 April 2016

Origami Treasure Chest. How to make an origami Treasure Chest?

If you have enough origami treasures than it's time to fold an origami Treasure Chest for them. 


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Paper Airplane

17 April 2016

Paper Airplane. How to make a paper Airplane?

Today we are going to fold this paper plane.


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Paper Drinking Glass

16 April 2016

Paper Drinking Glass. How to make a paper Drinking Glass?

Today we are going to fold this paper drinking glass.


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