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Mini books from Dave Brill

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 00:00

Mini books from Dave Brill

This origami model answers the simple question - is it possibble to make a book from a single sheet of paper? Yes, it is.

The author of the model - Dave Brill is british origami master and vice president of British Origami Society. Models which he had created for 20 years are gathered in the book "Brilliant Origami".





To fold mini books we'll need:

- Square sheet of paper. If you'll use square 15 cm you will get a book with 2,8 cm in height. If you'll use 2-colored paper book's cover and pages will be in different colors.

- About 15 minutes.

- And then we can take a magnifying glass and write a secret message.

Carefully follow the video instructions and you will succeed!

Happy folding!

Video tutorial:



For those who prefer the usual way:




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