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Origami toys (video)


Festive water bomb

Bombastic Kaleidoscopic Cube

Spinning Top by Manpei Arai (Part 1 of 2)

Paper Spinner

Spinning Top by Manpei Arai (Part 2 of 2)

Origami Dreidel (Yami Yamauchi) [spin top]

Spinning Top Animation

Little Blow Top (Yami Yamauchi)

Origami Blowtop (Mohit Dandekar)

Origami Daily - 356: Modular Spinning Top

Origami Mudular - Spinner

Origami Diamondrose Squarejumper Spinner

Fox pacman instructions

Simple puppets - animal head

Easy Origami Tiger (Head) For Children

Daily Origami: 568 - Puppet Wolf and Fox

Origami fox doll

Fold and Origami Angelfish Finger Puppet

Fortune teller (cootie catcher)

New type of fortune teller

Fortune Teller (cootie catcher)

Origami Zoomerang - How to Fold

Origami Zoomerang - Party Tricks

Origami Zoomerang - Tuning

Whoawee Boomerang

How to make an origami boomerang (that flies)

Boomerang plane

How to fold the Origami Zoomerang

Origami Flying Frisbee Tutorial

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