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Insects (video)

Origami Butterfly (with subtitles)

Mariposa - Butterfly

A simple origami butterfly

Mariposa [butterfly from circle]

Origami butterfly

How to make origami butterfly

Origami Butterfly Tutorial

How to make an Origami (Napkin) Butterfly

Origami Swallowtail Butterfly -tutorial

Farfalla origami origami butterfly instructions

Origami Butterfly (michael G Lafosse)

Mariposas Decorativas [ORIGAMI]

How to make an origami Butterfly (Michael LaFosse)

Simple origami butterfly

Origami Butterfly (Tutorial)


Origami Daily - 428: Spider (3D Modular)

Spider/Crab Part 2/2

Spider/Crab Part 1/2

Cangrejo Papiroflexia (crab)

Origami Crab

Origami cute bears

Origami Crab (HD)

Granchio origami [crab]

How to make an Origami Crab... for all (66)

How to make scorpion origami

Origami Dragonfly - part 2/2

How to make an Origami Scorpion Part 2

How to make an Origami Scorpion Part 1

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