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Alligator origami



Crocodile's head

Origami Frog King

Como hacer cuatro ranas de origami [4 frogs]

Origami paso a paso (17) - Rana 2/2

Origami paso a paso (17) - Rana 1/2


Jumping Paper Frog

Hopping Frog

How to make an Origami Lizard (Justin Nachsin)

Origami gecko

Origami Fire Salamander

Origami Lizard by Evan Zodl

Moving Lizard (modular)

Mini Origami Paper - King Cobra (By Suhas)

How To Make Origami Lesson: 3 King Cobra

How to make an origami snake (John Montroll) 1/2

How to make an origami snake (John Montroll) 2/2

Papiroflexia. La serpiente [snake]

Origami paso a paso (6) - Serpiente

Snake / Serpent

Serpiente - Snake

9879 How To Fold Golden Coin Turtle

Origami Turtle (P. D. Tuyen)

Origami: Kame (Turtle)

Origami turtle (Creator: Steven Casey)

Origami paso a paso (4) -Tortuga simple

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