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Money origami

Origami - Squid ( dollar bill)

Origami $ Heart-and-Arrow (Stephen Hecht)

Origami $ Dollar Sign (Andrew Anselmo)

One dollar heart bookmark

Mushroom Lion

Money Origami Scorpion

Money Origami Bowtie Folding Instructions

How To Make An Swan from a Dollar Bill

How to Make an 8 side origami with dollar bill :D

How to make a turban guy with money -Origami Lesson #2-

Four Leaf Origami Clover from Three 1 Dollar Bills

Dollar Star Origami Tutorial by Sweetfire Creations

Dollar Scottish Terrier

Dollar Origami: $3 Umulius Rectangulum

Dollar Origami Pants!

Dollar Origami Collared Shirt

Dollar Dog

Dollar Bill shorts

Dollar Bill Rhino

Dollar bill origami Tails

Dollar Bill Giraffe

Dollar bill elephant

Dollar bill camel

Dog - Made from a one Dollar Bill Note

Daily Origami: 665 - Money Origami - Butterfly

Daily Origami: 661 - Money Heart Bookmark

Daily Origami: 654 - Money Origami - Flip Flops

Daily Origami: 649 - Money Origami - Pineapple

Daily Origami: 648 - Money Origami - Flower

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