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Origami toys


Origami Toys

There are 2 types of origami toys - stationary ones like boat and sampan and action ones like the flapping bird and talking frog.

These origami toys provided much entertainment when we were growing up.

As kids, my siblings and I folded the origami sampan and boats when it rained so that we could float them on puddles of water. When it was hot, we folded origami fans to fan ourselves.

We folded the origami gun to play cops and robbers. The fortune teller, popper, flapping bird, airplanes were other favorites and the list goes on.

Yes, it was a simpler time back then. We didn't have Nintendo DS, smartphones, iPads or tablets to play with. So we folded our own toys and used our imaginations!

And even now, as an adult, folding these origami have been fun and have brought back many memories.

We hope that these origami will bring joy to you and your family and put a smile on everyone's faces as they have ours!

Moving origami Origami toys Spinning tops
Moving origami Origami toys Spinning tops

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