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Origami Boxes and Containers

Origami Boxes and Containers are great as they can be used to store small household or office items. The origami boxes are particularly great as personalized gift boxes for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and any special occasion!

We have various cool boxes and containers here ranging from origami basket to vases.

The simplest and probably the most popular one is the origami box (also called masu). But as you can see below, there are many other origami boxes and containers available.

The origami star box was used by one reader as a party favor at her wedding!

The origami tato is a very cool Japanese flat box that expands and has depth when you open it!

Boxes with a lid Boxes without a lid Square boxes
Origami boxes with a lid Boxes without a lid Square origami boxes
Boxes with different shapes
Origami boxes with different shapes

All diagram of boxes


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