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Origami modular dragon

Origami modular dragon

Dragon is the symbol of wealth and nobility. In th East dragon is mysterious and respected creature, a symbol of imperial power, courage, wisdom, strength and dignity. Magical creatures that can fly and give their favor only to the strong and smart people.

To fold 3D origami dragon we'll need:

- 94 triangle modules (51 modules for the body, 23 fro the head, 20 for wings). Print paper works great for this model - that way you won't need glue. 

If you wont't use glue you'll need 1 more module.

If you'll use glue you'll need: 

- 4 modules for the legs;

- eyes;

- flower as a accessory for the head.

If you'll use 9 cm - rectangles to make triangle modules, youir dragon will be about 19 cm length. 

You can learn how to fold triangle modules at the bottom of the page or in the first instruction. If you already know how to fold trinagle modules just skip the first instruction and go straight to the second one. 

Origami modular dragon














Happy folding!

Video tutorial 1 - How to fold triangle modules:


Video tutorial 2 - How to fold origami modular dragon:


Origami diagram of the triangle module:


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