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Origami Carrot Box

17 January 2016

Origami Carrot Box. How to fold origami carrot?

Need some vitamins? Here is a tutorial how to fold origami carrot. And it's not just a carrot! It's also a paper box. 



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Hexagonal Origami Star Dish

16 January 2016

Hexagonal Origami Star Dish. How to fold Hexagonal Origami Star Dish?

This beautiful and easy origami model of the star dish is made from a sheet of hexagonal paper. You will learn how to make it from the video. 



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Easy Origami Sniper Rifle

15 January 2016

Easy Origami Sniper Rifle. How to fold origami sniper rifle?

This amazing origami model of the sniper rifle was created by Tadashi Mori. Difficulty level - intermediate. You can use any sheet of paper, but the square with a side more than 20 cm is recommended.



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Easy napkin rose

14 January 2016

Easy napkin rose tutorial. How to fold origami napkin rose?

Do you know how to fold origami napkin rose? It's super easy, super fast and super beautiful model. You should definetly try it!



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F16 Jet Fighter Paper Plane

22 September 2015

Origami diagram of the F16 Jet Fighter Plane

Today we are going to fold F16 Jet Fighter Paper Plane. Author of the model is Tadashi Mori.         



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Origami mouse

20 September 2015

Origami mouse. How to make a mouse out of paper?

This realistic model of origami mouse was created by Kasahara Kunihiko. How do you think is it scary to find this one in the refrigerator?



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Origami Peace Dove

18 September 2015

Origami dove. How to fold origami dove?

Today we are going to fold Origami Peace Dove. Author of the model - Roman Diaz.


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Origami crane bookmark

16 September 2015

Origami diagram of the bookmark with crane

Beautiful origami bookmark with crane is quite easy to fold. 





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Origami Den Den Mushi

14 September 2015

Origami snail. How to fold origami snail?

Here is an amazing model of the origami Den Den Mushi. Author of the model is Tong Liu.  

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Origami owl

08 September 2015

Origami diagram of the owl. How to fold origami owl?

Here is an origami diagram of the owl. It's easy to make.






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Origami Diamond

27 August 2015

Origami diagram of diamond. How to fold origami diamond?

Today we are going to fold an origami diamond. Author of the model is Satoshi Kamiya. 





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