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Origami Cat

28 January 2016

Origami Cat. How to fold origami Cat?

Today we are going to fold an origami cat. This model was created by Alfredo Giunta. Difficulty level - intermediate. 


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Origami Sailboat Envelope

27 January 2016

Origami Sailboat Envelope (LaFosse)

Today we are going to learn how to fold an origami sailboat envelope. This model was designed by Micheal LaFosse. This fun design incorperates a preliminary base of the sailboat.

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Origami Crown Box

26 January 2016

Origami Crown Box. How to fold origami Crown Box?

Here is a video tutorial of the origami crown box. You can use it both ways - as a crown and as a box. Difficulty level - intermediate. Let's start?


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Origami Sheep

25 January 2016

Origami Sheep. How to fold origami Sheep?

Today we invite you to check your skills and fold an origami sheep created by Seth Friedman. This is a complex model and you'll need a lot of patience and time to fold it. But do not give up. Luck is on the side of persistence!


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Origami Starfish

24 January 2016

Origami Starfish. How to fold origami Starfish?

It's great to recall warm summer days when the cold winter is outside. So let's fold origami starfish. This model of the starfish requires pentagon paper sheet, and the most difficult thing in this scheme probably is making the pentagon. If you do not know how - watch the video tutorial.


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Origami Fox

23 January 2016

Origami fox. How to fold origami fox?

This beautiful origami fox was created by Riccardo Foschi. Difficulty level - intermediate.


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Origami Simple Koi

22 January 2016

Origami simple koi. How to fold origami koi?

Today we are going to show you how to make a simple origami koi fish. You will need a paper sheet with proportions 2:3. To make it:

- fold in half a 15 cm square sheet of paper and cut along the fold;

- fold in half the rectangle and than in half again, dividing in 4 equal parts the longest edge;

- cut a third of the rectangle obtaining a 3:2 rectangle with 11.25 cm x 7.5 cm dimensions.


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Origami Baby Lizard

21 January 2016

Origami diagram of the lizard. How to fold origami lizard?

This model of the origami baby lizard was created by Riccardo Foschi. He will also show you how to make origami wings and transform your lizard to the dragon. Let's start!





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Origami barn owl

20 January 2016

Origami diagram of the owl. How to fold origami owl?

Today we are going to fold origami barn owl. This absolutely amazing model was created by Riccardo Foschi. 






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Origami Gorilla

19 January 2016

Origami Gorilla. How to fold an Origami Gorilla?

Today we are going to teach you how to fold an origami gorilla. Difficulty level - intermediate. This origami model was created by Joseph Wu. 



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Origami Dinosaur - Baby Diplodocus

18 January 2016

Origami baby dinosaur. How to fold an origami baby diplodocus?

This cute origami diplodocus was created by Fernando Gilgado. Do you want one? Follow the instruction. 



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