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Origami Tanaka Mouse

09 February 2016

Origami mouse by Masashi Tanaka. How to fold origami Tanka Mouse?

This amazing origami mouse was designed by Masashi Tanaka. The model is good for beginers.


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Origami Eagle

08 February 2016

Origami Eagle by Pascal Khadem. How to fold origami eagle?

Eagle is the symbol of sun in many cultures. This is an amazing bird. In Greece, the eagle represents luck. This model will be very good gift for your friends. Designer of model is Pascal Khadem.



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Origami Unicorn

07 February 2016

Origami unicorn. How to fold origami unicorn?

This amazing model was created by Jo Nakashima. Unicorn is the symbol of power. Let’s fold it! Difficulty level - intermediate.



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Origami Rose

05 February 2016

Origami Rose. How to fold an origami Rose?

If you don't know how to make an origami rose, here is a special tutorial for you. This paper flower looks great and it's not too difficult to fold.  

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Origami Heart Box

04 February 2016

Origami Heart Box. How to fold an origami Heart Box?

It's 10 days until St. Valentine's Day. Do you already have a gift? You can use this origami Heart Box to put small note into it or even your gift if it's small enough. 

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Origami Mouse

03 February 2016

Origami Mouse. How to fold an origami Mouse?

Today you can try your origami skills by folding this model of the mouse created by Seth Friedman.

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Origami Raptor

02 February 2016

Origami Raptor. How to fold an origami Raptor?

Today we'll learn how to fold an origami raptor. Difficulty level - intermediate.

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Origami Cherry Blossom

01 February 2016

Origami Cherry Blossom. How to fold an origami Cherry Blossom?

The most romantic month of the year starts today. So we decided to show you how to make this beautiful origami flower. This model of the cherry blossom was designed by Hoang Tien Quyet. Difficulty level - intermediate.

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Origami Shining Star

31 January 2016

Origami Star. How to fold origami an origami star?

This creative origami model of the star was designed by Hoang Tien Quyet. Difficulty level - intermediate.


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Origami Baby Duck

30 January 2016

Origami Baby Duck. How to fold origami Baby Duck?

Today we are going to fold this adorable origami Baby Duck. Author of the model and video tutorial is Hoang Tien Quyet.


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Origami Sheepdog

29 January 2016

Origami Sheepdog. How to fold origami Sheepdog?

This beautiful but difficult model of the origami dog was created by Seth Friedman. To fold it you'll need a lot of patience and really big square - with a side about 14" (35 cm).


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