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Origami + napkin: swan

06 November 2012


How to make a great impression on your guests? How to surprise your family today at the dinner? Fold napkins in the swan shape!





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Origami Ninja Star - Shuriken

05 November 2012


Shuriken is ninja star, one of ninja weapons. The surface of the star ninja often was graved with different symbols. Folding this origami star will not take much time.





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Origami Totoro

04 November 2012


Here are two origami diagrams of Japanese cartoon character - Totoro.  Author of the first one is Robin Glynn. Author of the second one is Joseph Wu.






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Gmail logo

03 November 2012


The best logotypes always are simple and easy to memorize. Like Gmail logo. And now you can fold it! Author of the model - Gilad Aharoni. 




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Origami kitten

02 November 2012


Today we want to present you amazing origami model of kitten. For this kitten you'll need two squares. 






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WALL-E: robot from the cartoon (CP)

01 November 2012


For all of those who loves Pixar studio - origami robot WALL-E (CP). Author of the model - origami master Brian Chan.  Difficulty level - advanced. 



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Heart with a tie

31 October 2012


Today we want to suggest to you to fold heart wiht a tie. Only 18 steps and very interesting model of the heart will be done. 




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Money origami: Heart and Arrow

30 October 2012

Origami diagram of the  Heart and Arrow

Who said that money can not express love? Here is model "Heart and Arrow" designed by Stephen Hecht. Difficulty level - advanced.




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Dragon by Robert Lang

29 October 2012

Origami dragon

Robert Lang designed this model based on works of two other origami masters: head is from a dragon designed by Kunihiko Kasahara, and the body is by Robert Neale. Robert Lang combined two models into one using special technique named "grafting". He also improved dragon's wings. This is why model is named "KNL" – Kasahara-Neale-Lang. Video tutorial is made by origami master Jo Nakashima.



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Origami + napkin: rose

28 October 2012

Origami Napkin Rose

Super easy, super fast and very romantic!



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Horned Heart

27 October 2012

Origami Horned Heart

Here is amazing model designed by origami master Tadashi Mori. It'll take a while to fold this one, but with great video tutorial by Tadashi Mori you won't even notice how time will pass by.



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