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Origami Swimming Fish

31 March 2016

Origami fish. How to fold an origami fish?

If you've always wanted to have an aquarium, but for some reason you have not had time to do that, we offer you to start your career as an aquarist with this simple but beautiful origami fish.


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Origami Dragonfly

30 March 2016

Origami dragonfly. How to fold an origami dragonfly?

If your home is already full of the origami flowers, you can now try to complete your paper garden with slightly different model and fold an origami dragonfly.


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Origami Pig

29 March 2016

Origami Pig. How to fold an origami Pig?

If you really need to cheer yourself up, try to fold this funny origami pig. And then paint it! Author of the model is Leyla Torres. 

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Origami Swan

28 March 2016

Origami Swan. How to fold an origami Swan?

This beautiful model of the origami swan was created by Laura Kruskal. It's easy to fold and it won't take a lot of time to make.


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Origami Chinchilla

18 March 2016

Origami Chinchilla. How to fold origami Chinchilla?

Today we are going to fold origami Chinchilla. 



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Paper Battle Axe

15 March 2016

Paper Battle Axe. How to make a Paper Battle Axe?

Today we are going to fold an origami battle axe.


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Origami Batman

12 March 2016

Origami diagram of the batman. How to make paper batman?

Today we are going to fold an origami batman. 

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Origami Cobra

11 March 2016

Origami Cobra by Alexander Kurth. How to fold origami cobra from paper?

To make this cobra you will need a long strip of paper. Paper can be found in DIY stores. You can use a good wrapping paper or tracing paper.



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Origami Cat Box

10 March 2016

Origami Cat Box. How to fold an origami Cat Box?

Today we are going to fold an origami Cat Box.


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Origami Dachshund Dog

09 March 2016

Origami Dachshund Dog. How to fold an origami Dachshund Dog?

Today we are going to fold an origami Dachshund Dog created by Yara Yagi.


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Origami Butterfly

08 March 2016

Origami Butterfly. How to fold an origami Butterfly?

This beautiful origami model of the butterfly was designed by Evi Binzinger. Difficulty level - intermediate.


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