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Paper Designer Paul Jackson

Saturday, 19 August 2017 00:00

Origami designer Paul Jackson

Origami can transform from a pleasant hobby to work. This was the case with British origami master Paul Jackson. By profession he is a designer, working in the field of packaging development, but he is also known for his paper sculptures. He is one of the masters who managed to achieve success both in professional and in personal life thanks to origami. 

Paul was born in Leeds, England in 1956. He studied in Lancaster Royal Grammar School, then received a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts in Lanchester and continued his studies at MA in the Experimental Media Dept at the Slade School of Art in London. Jackson specialized in creating installations, performance art and sound sculptures. 




A piece of work from the «Organic Folds» series:  

A piece of work from the «Organic Folds» series

Origami was the hobby that master was carried away by in early childhood. When his mother worked as a housemaid at rich doctor's house, she often took her son with her to work. It was a beautiful rich house, where in the mornings little Paul liked to watch the sunlight dance in the stained-glass windows in the bathroom. There he entertained himself by folding the squares of paper and once accidentally folded a boat. This figure along with bright childhood memories laid the foundation of love for origami. 

Already in college, P. Jackson joins the British Origami Society, where he becomes known as a master of simple folding. After graduation in 1981, he began teaching 'folding techniques' in the colleges of Art & Design in the UK. And already in 1983 he wrote his first book on origami. Subsequently, he will have published 24 more books on various areas of paper design. 

3.5m origami figure "Sleeping Beauty's castle", 2011, London:

3.5m origami figure "Sleeping Beauty's castle", 2011, London

In the 1990s, his work increasingly appeared at exhibitions both at home and abroad. Wanting to get more and more involved with the world of paper design, Paul Jackson returns to school and receives a Bachelor in Packaging Design at Swindon College in 1999.  A year later, his life changes radically, as he gains not only professional recognition, but also family happiness. In 2000, Paul Jackson met his future wife, the founder of the Israeli origami center, Miri Golan. Their romance almost immediately led to the wedding and in 2001 the couple decided to stay in Israel. Paul Jackson becomes an active participant in the origami center and continues his teaching career at colleges of Art & Design in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

To get acquainted with the master let's fold the barking dog origami. 

We will need: 

- 1 square sheet of paper of 15x15 cm size. 

- About 5 minutes of free time. 

Happy folding!




Barking dog origami figure video instruction:


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