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Scorpions From the Southern Deserts 

Thursday, 17 August 2017 00:00

Origami scorpions. How to fold an origami scorpion?

The more limbs the figure should have, the harder it is to make from a square sheet of paper and traditional folding techniques. To expand the possibilities, origami took 2 paths: the complication of folding techniques and the increase in paper sheets. Since the end of the last century, the second path has allowed masters to make models with a large number of sections and legs. This direction has been named heteromodular origami.



This technique uses several square sheets of paper. One sheet makes a head, several others form the necessary quantity of legs, one makes the tail, etc. An interesting example of this technique can be found in a scorpion figure by Spanish origami master Javier Caboblanco. For the folding will be need 7 identical sheets of paper, though they will be folded differently. 4 sheets will become 4 pairs of legs, one more leaf will form the tail, and the remaining two sheets will produce claws. The final smoothened shape of the figure is best achieved using the technique of wet folding. 

We will need: 

- 7 square sheets of standard size paper 15x15 cm. 

- 25-30 minutes of free time. 

Happy folding!

Origami scorpion video instruction:


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