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Rainbow Koi carps wall

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 00:00

Rainbow Koi carps wall. How to fold an origami carp?

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in origami in the design world. Vases and statuettes not only in the form of various origami figures, but simple geometric shapes as well became frequent guests of our interiors. Origami is bright and expressive and at the same time simple in execution. This allows us to realize some of the design ideas with our own hands.

One of the directions was the decoration of the walls with colorful figures. For example, a wall can turn into a pond in which multi-colored carps will frolic. Inspiration for this was the koi carp, often found in Japanese gardens and parks. You can try decorating your wall with them yourself, for this you will need several sheets of paper all across the rainbow spectre and an origami diagram. 

Origami koi carps

We propose to take the diagram of the Italian origami master Riccardo Foschi. It is not very difficult to perform, but it is expressive enough to make the fish recognizable. 

We will need: 

- 1 square sheet of paper measuring 20x20 cm per 1 figure. 

- 15-20 minutes of free time per 1 figure. 

To decorate the wall will require about 10-10 fish. 

Happy folding!




Koi CP by Riccardo Foschi:

Origami koi carps











Koi diagram by Riccardo Foschi:

Origami koi carps


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