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Yoshio Tsuda’s elegant butterflies

Friday, 04 August 2017 00:00

Yoshio Tsuda’s elegant origami butterflies

Turns out that you can collect butterflies in many different ways. You may go to a tropical country, catch a butterfly and use poisonous vapors and pins to conserve the beauty. Or you can go a less radical way and create a butterfly origami. The Japanese medical entomologist Yoshio Tsuda thought the same.

Due to his profession, he is naturally interested in insects that carry dangerous diseases for people. But like any entomologist, he can not help but admire the fleeting beauty of butterflies. This admiration was what pushed him to work. He came up with several hundred origami figures, most of them butterflies. Let's try to fold one of them.

This figure is folded from the triangle base shape, though the complexities with the flattening of the central peak can begin. Otherwise the figure is quite simple. Follow the instructions and you will succeed.

We will need:

- 1 square sheet of paper measuring 15x15 cm. The best paper is the one with the front and back of different colors.

- 10 minutes of free time. 

Happy folding!

Yoshio Tsuda’s elegant origami butterflies














Video-tutorial - How to fold an origami butterfly:


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