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Is traditional tato a box or a pattern?

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 00:00

Origami tato. How to fold an origami tato?

Tato is the name of the traditional Japanese paper boxes to store all kinds of small things. In them, you can tidy up needles, buttons, pins, or write a secret message inside. Recently, they also began to be used for storing stamps. The boxes themselves can be tetragonal, hexagonal or octagonal. They lock on a paper lock and open if pulled on at two opposite corners of the paper.

The boxes themselves are so elegant that one can make colorful patterns from them or play with the shape of the boxes themselves. Japanese origami player Kosho Uchiyama dedicated about 50 years of his life to tato, coming up with different shapes and trying to replicate the images of flowers in them. This direction of folding was called Kamon-ori. It is designed to express traditional Japanese coat-of-arms, which most often imitates flowers and floral patterns, in the shape of tato box.

We will need:

- 1 square sheet of paper of standard size 15x15 cm

3-5 minutes of free time

Happy folding!

Origami tato. How to fold an origami tato?












Video-tutorial - How to fold an origami tato box:


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