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Simple panda

Monday, 24 July 2017 00:00

Origami panda - how to fold easy origami panda?

Classic origami gifted the world with not only about a hundred of classical figurines, but with a source of inspiration behind one particularly peculiar folding method. For a long time the word «origami» associated with this exact folding technique. This is, of course, about simple, or pureland origami.

The peculiarity of this direction is strict adherence to a number of rules. You can only use a square sheet of paper, folds should be as simple as possible without complex folds and twists. Paper can not be cut and glued. Quite strict rules, but still, even here you can find a place for creativity.

One of the most interesting figures in this technique is a panda figure from Sy Chen. The figurine is obtained from a requisite of traditional paper decoration for envelopes and is folded literally in a couple of minutes. Despite its simplicity, however, there are even eyes and a nose on the panda.

Origami panda - how to fold an origami panda?















We need:

- 1 square sheet of paper, black on one side and white on the other.

- A couple of minutes of free time.

Happy folding!

Video-tutorial - How to fold easy origami panda:


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