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Edelweiss blooms in the mountains

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 00:00



The Czech Origami Society was established relatively recently - in the autumn of 2003 in Ostrava by Frantisek Grebenicek (František Grebeníček) with the support of Spanish origami artist Joan Sallas. Society is small, but has already managed to make a name for itself with some interesting works, the figure of the edelweiss among others.

Edelweiss blooms in the summer in the mountains. Usually these flowers grow in small patches. Its appearance is reminiscent of a lion's paw. Petals, stems and leaves are covered with fluff to protect the plant from the harsh conditions of the mountainous terrain.

The edelweiss figurine depicts a separate bush with a fleshy stem, short leaves and several inflorescences. The inflorescences are based on the frog basic shape - the most complex of the traditional basic shapes. The further process of folding is aimed at forming the petals from the corners of the shape, and the cruciform core from the central apex.

A stem with leaves is much easier to fold. First you need to make the fish basic shape. Then bend it in half and drag all corners up. After this, the lateral edges join and the stem is given a volume.


Edelweiss blooms in the mountains.

Edelweiss blooms in the mountains.

Edelweiss blooms in the mountains.

Edelweiss blooms in the mountains.


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